Take 5 in the Garden

I finally let it go (insert Elsa hand gesture).

On Saturday, Michelle, Trisha, and I did Take 5 in the Garden. Michelle did the 5k, Trisha and I the 5 mile.


Back before I started this blog, I did a Garden of the Gods run before. Last June, the Garden of the Gods 10-miler 5K was my first race at altitude. And it was brutal. Those hills made me their bitch, but I wogged it out the whole way. So I knew what I was in for coming in, especially adding 2 more miles.

I had talked to my doctor about the belly pain I was experiencing running early in the week. She said it was in fact just ligament pain from where my abdominal muscles were separating. She said I could choose to run through this pain, that it wouldn’t hurt the baby; however, she did recommend switching from running to walking after 20 weeks (I’m at 24). She said the more impact when those muscles are separated, the harder it is for them to come back together. She said she thinks it results in more flabbiness post-partum.

With this in mind, I decided to not abandon running just yet. Instead, I decided to just embrace some walking. When I got the belly pain, I would walk. When I was burnt or overheating, I would walk. When I really wanted to, I would walk.

I let it go.

So I went into this race, knowing the sadistic terrain ahead of me, with this resolve.


I stuck with Trisha. We started jogging the first mile. The first mile is all uphill and the steepest grade of the course. We walked a bit. We jogged down through the second mile until my belly ached. We walked a bit. We started just jogging the down and flat and walking the uphill.


Even with the walking breaks, the route kicked our asses. I was winded and roasting and felt every step in my muscles and feet. It was still work; it was still a workout. It was still a challenge (though Cripple Creek still wins as the most challenging).

However, Garden of the Gods is always the most beautiful. This was the most picturesque race that I’ve done to date. Nothing beats a sea of runners flowing around those jagged red rocks, mountains rising in the background. It was a gorgeous day (which made it hot for running for me), and I felt that euphoria in my surroundings. I didn’t even need the runners high to get there.

For the last mile, I did turn on a bit of striving. I resolved to wog out the remainder. Thankfully, the majority of that was a glorious downhill. The sun was cooking me, but I could see the finish approaching. I could talk myself through it.


I did 5 miles in Garden of the Gods 6 months pregnant. That is enough for me. I had hoped to finish under 1:15, but the more we walked, I was just shooting for 1:30. I finished just over 1:11. Shows how close my normal pace is to brisk walking.


I can run like this. I can let it go to keep going. I figure I’ll keep wogging and jogging in the mix through May, maybe June before it does just become walking.

As long as I keep moving…


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