Monthly Archives: January 2015

4 Months

Four months post partum, I am finally starting to feel like myself. I am still much fatter and much slower, but my distance is coming back to me.

For January, my goal was to work on the 5 mile distance. However, in the first two weeks, I jumped to 7 miles. And it felt natural. It felt familiar. It felt better than the shorter distances, as it always did.

I have leaped ahead of my training schedule (distance-wise, absolutely not in pace), but I plan to stay here until I return to prepregnancy weight. Then I will move onto my coveted 10 mile distance. Hopefully, losing the weight in the interim will bump my pace up a bit. I need to shake two minutes per mile to return to my normal, three+ to achieve my ultimate goal.

We have also started working on our 10K route for run club. The full 10K route is quite brutal, so we have started with a 5 mile modification. The hills are still insanely challenging, and I still feel like a champion on the final spring.

I will consider myself back to normal (and where I want to be) when I am running a 5 mile, a 10K (run club), and a 10 mile run per week and when I am running in 11 minute miles. I would say that I am halfway there (much like my weight loss), but halfway seems far closer than when I started. I can appreciate the progress; I can see the light at the end of this tunnel.

I just keep pushing myself, obsessively as always. I run myself ruthlessly and punish myself for every pound.

I try not to focus on not being what I want or what I was; I try to accept that just because I am not there does not make my body wrong or repulsive. I try to permit myself the time to recover from creating a child. But I never was very good at being easy on myself.

December Stats

December was a good month for fitness. I upped to 5 miles of straight jogging. I knocked my 5K time under 40 minutes. I started flirting with 12 minute miles instead of 13. I returned to the Incline for the first time. I worked hard and made progress.

December, however, was not a good month for food. Christmas festivities manages to get the scale moving in the wrong direction; I gained back anything I lost in the month. To my core, I am just that fat girl and always continue to lapse into old, bad habits. To gain weight running and nursing is quite impressive. Or sad, whichever you prefer.

But the new year brings resolutions and starting fresh. Back to pre-baby weight. Back to pre-baby running fitness (or better). Learn to moderate sugar and food in general.


Total miles: 70
Total miles run outside: 57
Longest distance: 5 miles
Best times: 37 minutes (5K), 1 hour 5 minutes (5 miles)

Total weight loss: 15 pounds
Weight loss in December: 0 pounds

Total inch loss: 4″- 3″- 3″
Inch loss in December: 0″- 0″- 1″