Creepy Crawl 5K

Do not throw a Halloween party before a race. Do not drink copious amounts of pumpkin flavored alcohol before waking up early to run. Lessons (re)learned.

Last year, I could not participate in the Creepy Crawl 5K because I had a newborn baby. This year, I definitely crippled myself with a flirtatious hangover. Then unseasonable heat just beckoned my nausea.

The first mile, we stuck with Michelle and encouraged her to her goal of running a mile straight. She made it! The first step to the goal of running a full 5K. I was excited at the progress.

When she took her walk break, Trisha and I continued on. Trisha lit out, while I hung behind and went through all the uncomfortable stages of my hangover. Ultimately, I was really not feeling the run at all. I never found a float, and I just did not want to be running. I was hot and felt sick and just did not want to do it. However, I resisted the urge to walk and finished the run.

I have felt creeping doubts lately. I catch myself wondering if I have fallen out of love with running. The stagnation in my running recovery and post partum weight loss have left me frustrated and burned out. I cannot tell if that is influencing my feelings or I really am over running. Maybe I exhausted my obsession and it just died when I had to take my baby break. I am not sure how I feel or what I want. I do know that the continued warm weather is robbing me of my beloved fall running. It seems like it will be winter before I am not melting to death.

At least the run was beautiful. Though hotter than I would have liked,  the weather was pleasant. The route disappeared along the train tracks before folding on itself and winding around the lake.


The highlight of my morning was the kid race. My daughter did a couple kid races in the YMCA series last year, but she has put a 5K under her 4 year-old belt since then. She wanted to run more of the mile than I expected. She took a couple walk breaks and complained a bit, but she was bound and determined to beat her friend.


When she turned on her little sprint, I could barely keep up with her. She is going to be very fast as she gets older, much faster than her zombie turtle mother. She will be outrunning me very soon, just like almost everyone does. I was quite proud of her. I just need to teach her about being a better running mate in the future.



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