One Injury

I thought I was getting worse at this whole running thing. I thought all my effort was for not and my performance was just steadily declining. I had resolved to just push harder, just run more, just suffer more.

I am an idiot.

Never did it crest my mind that my running ability might be directly correlated to the health of my body, that it might be hindered by that nagging and worsening injury spreading across my hip. That same injury I chose to ignore, push through, and exacerbate for the past two months.

I am an idiot.

Last week, I went to Wisconsin to visit family. One of the family members we stayed with happens to be an avid runner, perhaps the most avid runner I have ever known. When my aunt told me tales of running on her cracked heel until it leaked bone marrow, I thought surely a twinging hip cannot be that bad. My hip had finally declined to the point that I actually elected to take a week break to permit it an instant to heal.

Then my aunt introduced me to KT tape. KT tape worked for her when she tore her hip and then ran a half marathon.


She handed me the roll, and I hopped on to YouTube to find out how to tape myself back together.

The result was amazing and nearly instantaneous. With a black starburst on the curve of my hip, the pain appeared mitigated. Slightly at first, but more with each attempt. After just one run taped up, I found myself able to walk without hobbling or limping afterward. I had to retrain myself to not flinch or compensate for the injury as I moved. I was stunned that such a subtle therapy could have such an impact.

Then, magically, with my hip pain removed, my running ability increased dramatically. Nothing impressive but definitely something more familiar and expected. In Wisconsin, I chased my aunt and her running mate a minute plus faster per mile than I have been running. Today, I ran a sub 10 minute mile. It was only one out of the five, but I have not ran a mile under 10 minutes since before my son, and even then, it was extremely rare.

Running just immediately feels better. I feel like a weight has been lifted, a weight that was dragging me down by the angry nerves reaching through my trunk. Simply put, I feel so much better.

It is almost like you run better when you’re not in pain or like pain goes away when you do something to heal your injury. Simple concepts I chose to be blinded to while I fixated and obsessed on the wrong details.

From a little bit of research, it appears as though this type of injury is caused by overuse (GUILTY) and training on hills (GUILTY). Maybe now with the knowledge of the cause and a therapy that aids in recovery, plus the perspective to not be such a misplaced zealot, I might be able to really start my training fresh.

And that is exciting.


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