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Guest Post (Trisha): “Anticipation”

(My running mate, Trisha, has decided to grace the blog with a bit more narrative about our upcoming half on Sunday.)

Race day is coming. After a completely heartbreaking last-minute cancellation at the REVEL Rockies race in July, Christina and I searched for another option. We found the Equinox Half in Fort Collins.

In July, it was so far away. Plenty of time to stay trained up. Lots of time to recover from the emotional turmoil of being so very ready for a race we didn’t get to run. Only it took longer, at least for me, to recover from that disappointment. Each time I put on my running shoes and left for a run, I just felt resentful. For weeks, I only ran a few miles. I couldn’t find my float, and the heat and the frustration kept me from pushing myself.

It took about three weeks for running to feel right again, but then the school year started. I’m teaching an extra class this year because we’ve got a national shortage of qualified teachers. I’ve got two girls at home and a new puppy and two other dogs and the desire to do things like sleep. I’ve not been good about running and training and pushing. I’ve been even worse about the strength training and yoga routine I know will help me battle downhill for 13.1 miles. But in the past two weeks we’ve run together, we’ve pulled together enough to feel like we can do this. I’m not sure it’s going to be pretty – it seldom is – and I don’t feel nearly as ready as I did in July, but I’m starting to get those pre-race butterflies of excitement and nerves.

I’m keeping my expectations low. I can’t handle another rollercoaster of frustration. But the race is in my second home (Ft. Collins). The colors are changing on the aspen that line the Poudre Valley, and this morning the wind had that bite of fall and the chill that comes from the valleys of the mountains. If nothing else, it’s a weekend with people I love and a break from being mom, just for a night.

So here’s to that anticipation. Here’s hoping for a beautiful morning and a successful race and some beer and football.