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I have been running for about three years now. I am, by no means, good or talented at it, hence the zombie turtle nickname. Yet I always try. I train hard; I increase distance. I can do a half marathon, slowly but surely.

Recently, I saw a video pass by on Facebook, among the others littering my feed from various running pages and runner friends. This one I actually watched (I never watch online videos) and then attempted the technique.

Generally, I do not give any thought to my breathing while I run. I am sucking air like a zombified basset hound, just struggling to keep my sluggish pace. I gasp; I pant; I slobber. All quite ineffectively.

Shockingly, trying this new breathing method actually made a difference. A noticeable difference. The first time I tried it. I was pleasantly shocked.

I had to modify it, of course. I had to extend my inhales/exhales to two strides per to not feel like I was suffocating. I think I also sometimes still sneak cheat gasps in between. I am struggling with and learning it. Sometimes, I lose the breathing and feel myself stumbling and panting to find the rhythm again.

However, if I establish the rhythm before I get winded and really find my place in it, the breathing makes a significant impact on my running. I end up barely gasping or heaving. I float more often. I am able to lose myself in the chant-like breath and just keep going.

It is not perfect; it is not amazing, but it made a difference, so I had to share it.

I hope to see it make even more of an impact as I continue to refine my technique and attempt more challenging runs this fall.

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