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My plan for the new year was to start fresh and get back into running. Unfortunately, all circumstances conspire against such an ambition.

First, my English cold morphed into the sinus infection, which was ultimately my own doing for pushing myself so hard and running miles in the snow while sick. Fair enough. I deserved that one.

Then, winter finally showed up. I love winter, and I love snow. I even love running in the snow, so usually this is not a problem. However, we got dumped on so hard that running became nearly impossible. I tried last week and probably should have worn snowshoes like the person I crossed paths with en route. Deep snow and a slippery mess.

However, most restrictive, I somehow injured my hip. This happened quite some time ago. I want to say even before the holidays. I have no idea what I did to it, but it has been getting steadily and progressively worse and is definitely aggravated by running, zumba, even walking. Of course, being the stubborn, addictive moron that I am, the pain and the injury never prevented me from pushing right through and clinging to my hardcore routine.


The pain is not in my hip joint (which I think is a good thing?).  Instead, it is firmly nestled deep in the muscle wrapping up around my hip. I have foam rolled it. I have stretched it. I have had it massaged and adjusted. I have done just about everything but rest it.

Now, it appears I am at the point of needing to rest it. My chiropractor has drawn the line and lobbied heavily that I give it some time.

The whiny child in me wants to say, UGH! But I don’t have time! I’m already months behind!
But the responsible adult is begrudgingly saying, FINE. (And then pouting.)

Thankfully, this mandated rest comes at a time when my schedule would be completely destroyed anyway. I am working in Denver this week (instead of in my home), and I’m traveling to Wisconsin next week. All this eliminates my ability to commit to my daily homage at the gym or on the trail. I can only hope this disruption actually produces some healing.

I am trying not to freak out. I am trying not to get obsessive about workouts and training missed. It’s not like they were making huge impacts anyway, just another notch in the plateau. I am trying not to fret over what might happen to my mental balance.


I am trying to roll with it. Instead, I am just going to keep starting over. I am at the perpetual starting line.


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